Are Trutex really that good? Seriously?

Are Trutex really that good? Seriously?


Trutex and Rawcliffes School Wear and Uniforms

Trutex as a company have been manufacturing high calibre school uniforms for over 150 years, long before anybody reading this article was even born!

Trutex Make Uniforms To Last……..

To ensure Trutex primary schoolwear you buy looks good, wash after wash, Trutex reach and maintain the highest standards of quality. Trutex give close consideration to garment production during each stage of the design,checking and modifying where necessary to improve the product and also ensuring the  construction process is supported by ethical manufacturers and suppliers that only allow for premier manufacturing standards. Once a parent has sampled a Trutex item they will seldom go back to anything else. As a school outfitter we decided to become a Trutex licensee as quite simply, no other school garment compares for material,stitching, colour or product longevity.

Stringent Testing

You can be assured that before full production, a Trutex  garment goes through meticulous characteristic testing such as garment stability, colour fastness and seam strength. All new products undergo a rigorous sampling process until they achieve the high standards set.It’s important to note that all Trutex suppliers have dedicated overseas offices located close to the supplying factories to ensure that our garments attain the highest grade of quality, giving the customer an assurance of excellence. At Rawcliffes, as a dedicated Trutex licensee, we are proud to offer our full Trutex range at extremely competitive and reasonable prices.