What Have We Learnt About Parents and Purchasing School Uniform?

What Have We Learnt About Parents and Purchasing School Uniform?

Rawcliffes have been under new ownership for the last fourteen months and has spent considerable time enjoying building positive relationships with existing and new schools within Hull and East Yorkshire. One of the key areas we have developed with our schools is a genuine understanding of what school communities are genuinely looking for when purchasing their child’s school uniform.

During this time we have studied the purchasing trends of parents with our main supplier Trutex as well as talking to business managers, teachers and most importantly, parents.

Listed below are some of our findings;

  • Parents if given a choice would purchase items in person thus allowing students to try it on and check for size. This correlates with research carried out by a mobile-retail marketing company that found that over 76% of women preferred to purchase in store than on line. (Over 1,000 women took part).
  • Parents want the choice of how they buy the school uniform rather than having to go online.
  • Parents are tired of buying brands that are cheap and that don’t last and that often change throughout the academic year. They want a consistency of brand.
  • Pricing is important but not as important as the quality. Buy cheap you buy twice.
  • Parents do not enjoy waiting for items to come in the post or having to pay postal charges.
  • Parents don’t like paying for items before they receive them and hate having to send items back. In this regard buying a school uniform can take more than a fortnight if they are lucky!

At Rawcliffes we only carry the Trutex and BMB brands of stock, we order in bulk and are able to service customers on the spot with no waiting time and with cash or card within minutes.

The items we sell last considerably longer than the cheaper brands on the market today as many testimonials on our website show. Our prices are highly competitive, we believe parents and students deserve the highest quality of uniform at the best possible prices. Please see price list below and compare. For parents’ convenience we are open six days week and can always be contacted.  The ladies serving in the shop have over twenty years of retail service between them, are local and love serving the community.

One element of our community service that is a real winner is that we allow parents to lay items to one side and pay in installments. We do this discreetly, with minimum fuss to allow parents to spread the cost over a period of time at their convenience.

It’s that time of year and at Rawcliffes we would welcome the opportunity to partner with your school and serve your community.