Shirts & Blouses

Rawcliffes strive to tailor all shirts and blouses to last. Attention to detail and the finest fabrics are key to their comfort and durability, and every shirt and blouse is easy to wash with minimum or no ironing needed.

Create quality bespoke shirts and blouses from a wide range of bespoke designs featuring different fits, neck styles and contrast coloured inner cuffs and collars. Once you’ve chosen a unique style, Rawcliffes then have an extensive range of fabrics and colours to choose from. These range from a number of plain colour options to check fabrics, printed stripe fabrics or woven fabrics. Rawcliffes can also develop a bespoke fabric just for you, please note lead times and minimums will apply. Rawcliffes also offer a range of bespoke sizes outside of our standard sizing matrix as well as embellishment options including badging and contrast piping on collars.