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Schools are naturally extremely busy throughout the day and as a result the amount of time school staff spend dealing with school uniforms has become a burden to many.

School Business Managers are getting wise to the huge benefits a retail outlet can provide for their school community including; zero financial outlay for stock and not having to allocate office staff with the responsibility of dealing with parents and their uniform needs and concerns throughout the day. This is a huge burden in the summer when the school is trying to prepare for the year ahead!

Online purchasing offers an option for some but comes with the headache of using a current visa/debit card, a delivery time (7-14 days), a delivery location and the inconvenience of sending back items that don’t fit or are wrong, coupled with the summertime push when many online companies fail students and parents by sending items late and long after school has begun or in some cases, not at all.

As a professional outfitter we are often amazed at the level of expectation some schools have of their suppliers especially when students receive items so late into the school year. Starting school is a nerve-wracking experience at the best of times and to have to endure the opening weeks of school without a school uniform is in our eyes absolutely shocking, yet companies do it and in many cases get away with it, and most surprisingly, continue to serve the school albeit poorly and without an understanding of the communities they are serving or the negative impact they have had. Many cases of bullying emanate from appearance and looking different to a peer group.

At Rawcliffes we understand the Hull community and its needs. As a premier retail outlet we provide the following advantages that in our view and as has been attested by many, are a real winner for your school and most importantly, with your school community;

  • Rawcliffes carry stock in the shop, we order in bulk and are able to service customers on the spot, no waiting time and with cash or card.
  • Rawcliffes carry the schools entire uniform stock, staff it and service your community.
  • Our prices are extremely competitive and often surprise schools when enquiries are made.
  • Customers can try on garments in the shop to make sure they fit properly. If business managers or uniform staff take time to look at a lot of schools who have online purchase the uniforms are often ill fitting and look poor. Why have a uniform to represent your school if it doesn’t look very good?
  • If Rawcliffes are out of stock, we have supply chains that can have items in store within three working days.
  • We allow parents to lay items to one side and pay in instalments. We do this discreetly, with minimum fuss to allow parents to spread the cost over a period of time at their convenience.
  • Our products are always the same, we only use the same trusted suppliers and do not vary. As a licensee of both Trutex and BMB we have priority ordering ensuring we don’t run out. The items we sell last considerably longer than the cheaper brands on the market today as many testimonials on this website show.
  • We are open six days a week and can always be contacted. The staff serving in the shop have over twenty years of retail service between them, are local and love serving the community.
The Boulevard Academy have been very pleased with the service we received this summer from Rawcliffes. They were able to supply all our uniform requirements in the way that we specified to our new students, ready for September.
The Boulevard Academy
I would like to say a big thank you to you and your staff for the excellent service to our pupils, parents and carers during the Yr. 6/7 Transition period. All our pupils arrived in September looking smart and in the correct uniform. The uniform process went extremely smoothly with no impact as far as uniform purchase on our Academy staff – the convenience of having a store to go to where they can try on the uniform and receive help and advice with their uniform purchase really adds to the support we as an Academy wish our parents/carers to receive.
Winifred Holtby Academy
Rawcliffes have been the suppliers of uniform to North Ferriby School for as long as I can remember. The uniform is always of a very high quality and we sell lots of it. The staff are always helpful, courteous and of the ‘nothing is too much trouble’ genre. I really mean that. No matter what we ask of them, nothing is too much trouble. They always go the extra mile to make sure we receive our stock as soon as possible so that we can keep our parents happy. It is impossible to put a price on dependability. School offices are extremely busy places and having a supplier that delivers a good product on time without quibble makes a huge difference to office life. Following a change in management recently things have got even better! So ‘thank you’ Rawcliffes and keep up the good work!
North Ferriby School