Going back to school September 2020

With so many changes taking place due to COVID 19 across every retail sector in the country, here at Rawcliffes we felt it was really important to clarify how purchasing your child’s uniform has changed from years past and to reassure you that all your uniform requirements for September 2020 are well in hand and that you have nothing to worry about!

Please note the following;

  • When we were informed the shop had to close for the lockdown, we chose not to furlough our staff and instead, respecting social distancing protocols at all times, processed and despatched orders daily and continue to do so.
  • When the shop opens at the end of June, strict COVID 19 rules and safeguarding policies mean that changing rooms are not permitted for use and clothes cannot be tried on.
  • As a result of the strict COVID 19 rules surrounding safeguarding in the shop, customers are strongly encouraged to purchase online through the shops website and to do so before the mad rush in August, Rawcliffes recommends purchasing your uniform over this next seven week period to avoid the frenetic nature of the busiest month of the year.
  • Rawcliffes has very good stock levels already with the annual uniform stock arriving in July.

Wishing everybody good health and nothing but the very best during these most unusual of times.